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Why Totem Warrior?

I Love fitness!  I have always been intrigued by the human body and what people can do with their bodies when they are dedicated and have one goal in mind.  I admire this kind of determination and love the transformation that follows.  You are never the same after you dedicate yourself to being in amazing shape.  I have been a personal trainer for 18 years, I have trained myself since the age of 15. 

I have always been my own project in a sense.  I have trained many other people from those who just want to get started to those who are in serious competitions.  The physical body is only part of it, you also have to think about the mind and spirit as well.  Body, mind, and spirit are the 3 sides of the puzzle for lack of better words.  You can’t just work on one or two you need to work on all three.  I have learned through many years of competition that your mental psyche is just as important as your physical training. Once you are able to work on all three of these areas, then that is where you will not only see the huge difference, but you will feel it as well.

While I was on my own journey, I had a moment of clarity for what I truly wanted to do. I wanted to reach more people than I was physically able to reach and help.  I finally had that flash of inspiration, that’s when Totem Warrior was born. Now I can use my knowledge and experience to help way more than I could before.Totem-Warrior-Cody

The inspiration behind (Totem Warrior) has to do with Totem Poles, they have many faces of animals representing a journey and transformation of a person. 

To explain the level’s:

The wolf is a wanderer in nature, hungry and looking for something, which is possibly what many people feel?  Hungry for change in their lives. 

The Bear represents strength and power. The bear is a very powerful spirit Totem!  Which you will become as you follow the program as close as you possibly can.  You will start to feel the strength that you have been looking for.

The Eagle represents Greatness and is The mighty hunter and ruler of the air.  The Eagle is one of the most sacred animals of all, because of it’s ability to soar above the earth and see so clearly.  Once  you get to a certain point in your physical transformation, you will be able to see things in your life more clearly. You might even have your own unique transformation story afterwards.

This is what I truly hope for for all of my members.  I can only lead you there You must be the one who chooses in.  I am Native American, that’s where the name Totem Warrior came from in case people are wondering?

Totem Warrior Personal Trainer in your pocket! This is why I developed this program.  You don’t need to know how or what to do, I will show you exactly what you need to do.  I will be with you guiding you the entire journey.  I will give you the path and map, you will bring the desire and motivation to finish.  All the programs are specifically designed for where you are, not where everyone else is.  This way we cater to you and you start right where you are.  Like I said everyone will have a different journey because not everybody is in the same place physically, mentally and spiritually.

You will have the programs and the diet to go with your path.  All you have to do is choose in and go to work, So what are you waiting for?  Choose in today!  Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today!  No Excuses, Sign up today and start your journey now!

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